MSIX Packaging Tool Update

Today we want to introduce a new member on the board. The MSIX Packaging Tool April Release is there for you to use. If you want to doublecheck – it is the version 1.2019.402.0.

Before we start our quick overview, we like to provide you with the link to the release notes:

Now let’s start with a quick overview what changed:

  • Remote Desktop packaging

    There is one more option how to create the MSIX package. In addition to create the package locally and within a local Hyper-V based virtual machine you now can remotely connect to any machine reachable. So, all of you not using Hyper-V locally or relying on 3rd party virtualization platforms, now share the same comfort workflow during package creation.

  • Improved wizard workflow
    • Automatic version increment

      After you edited you MSIX package in the package editor a new dialog is added to the save procedure.

      This little box would have saved myself quite some minutes. Another needed optimization is the ability to use the dot “.” , to proceed within the version fields while you type in the package version. As always – sometimes the little things are the greatest.

    • Disabled Windows Update
      Disabling of Windows Update is now mandatory and done automatically during the wizard
  • Package Editor changes

    You now have the ability to import complete folders (-structures) and their contents into the Package Editor, not just files.

    Furthermore empty folders are not dropped any more.

  • Package time stamp

    A time stamp extends the validity of a certificate by verifying that the executable file was signed at the time that it was time stamped.

    During the “Create new package” workflow, you can now specify a custom Time Stamp Server URL, to ensure the MSIX package can be installed, even after the used signing certificate has expired. (it can be found in the settings menu)

  • Quick Create Hyper-V template

    The Quick create template just got updated to the April version of the packaging tool.

Just a refresher – here is how you can find out the current version of the MSIX Packaging Tool:

  1. Open Settings-Menu

  2. Click Advanced

That’s all for today – stay tuned and keep an eye on the further posts in our series about Package Support Framework


Thanks for reading!


Ingmar Oosterhoff, Johannes Freundorfer and Matthias Herfurth