Breaking Into Windows Server 2019: A Faster, Safer Internet

Happy Thursday all! Brandon Wilson back again to introduce you to yet another new post in the blog series by the Windows Core Networking team on the Top 10 networking features in Windows Server 2019. Here is a light overview from the Product Group….

“This week, the Windows Core Networking team continues their Top 10 Networking features in Windows Server 2019 blog series with: #8 – A Faster, Safer Internet

Each blog contains a “Try it out” section so be sure to grab the latest Insider’s build and give them some feedback!”

Here is an excerpt to give you a brief view of the topic at hand:

The Internet is part of our daily lives both at work and at home, in the enterprise and in the cloud.  We are committed to making your Internet experience faster and safer, and in this blog, we discuss how the features in Windows Server 2019 brings those goals to reality.  To do this we:

  • Improved coalescing of connections to deliver an uninterrupted and properly encrypted browsing experience.
  • Upgraded HTTP/2’s server-side cipher suite negotiation for automatic mitigation of connection failures and ease of deployment.
  • Changed our default TCP congestion provider to Cubic to give you more throughput!

If you have comments or questions on the post, your most direct path for questions will be in the link above.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you again soon!

Brandon Wilson