AskPFEPlat Ask Me Anything-September 2016

UPDATE (9/26/2016 @ 10:45a ET): Thank you all for your participation in this AskPFEPlat Ask Me Anything Q&A blog session! We are ending active questioning at this time. Rest assured, if you have asked us questions and have not yet gotten a response, we are still working on it. Additionally, we would like to request feedback on whether you, our readers, would like to see more posts like this, and maybe even have some live sessions with members of the AskPFEPlat blog team in the future (free of charge)! Please let us know in the comments or via email! Thank you for your continued reading!

Hi everyone! Brandon Wilson here with you today with the entire AskPFEPlat team, not to talk with you about a specific subject, but to open the floor to questions for our outstanding audience across the globe. We write and write, and we try our best to answer comments and questions as we go along, but there are always those stragglers and those questions you’ve wanted to ask, but just haven’t yet…

Well good news, because today’s posting is for you! It’s for you to ask us your questions that you have related to the topics covered on our blog (Azure, Active Directory, core OS, performance, networking, clustering, DNS, system center, etc.). So whether that’s “Hey what is this adminSDholder thing I heard about?”, “We have a server that keeps hanging, what should I look at?”, “Why should I consider moving to Azure?”, or anything beyond or in between, ask away!

Please feel free to ask your questions in the comments so others may share any knowledge gained, or if you’d like, you can send an email to us to ask your question.

Thank you for participating, and we are all looking forward to your questions!

-The AskPFEPlat team!