Disaster Recovery – A Reminder

Happy Monday, folks!

A short post to remind us all about one of my favorite topic “families” (and one of my customer’s most over-looked).

We all know that disaster recovery and business continuity efforts are so critically important. We also know the work of DR prep and testing are often so very quiet – they often get ignored or forgotten about until the time when your business needs them. At that point, they usually REALLLY need them, too.

It’s not a fun time when you have to report up to leadership/management that “we’re having some issues with the restore” – which is similar to flying a US flag upside-down. About the only thing worse is right after that, when questions like, “When was the last time you tested the restore process?” and, “Has this ever worked?” People start to look at one another with confusion. No one speaks. The air just left the room. The most-common reply is “Uhhhhh…not sure?”

Here’s your late-summer/fall reminder to review and update some of your DR docs, test-out some of your DR scenarios, and generally get a solid warm-fuzzy about DR for the next few months.

We have several posts on this blog about DR as well as a few nuggets about disaster avoidance/prevention/protection – here’s a sample:

So, have a look, get inspired, block some time on your calendar and go through some of your DR testing.

Make sure when you get the call to restore something, you have a higher chance of success and more confidence during those uncomfortable moments during real DR situations.