KRBTGT Reset Script Now Available at the Script Gallery

Tom here with a quick Friday update…

Here’s something that we hope you’ll never need, but has become an unfortunate necessity. Jared Poeppelman, one of our colleagues over in Microsoft Consulting Services has built and tested a great PowerShell script for resetting your KRBTGT password.

You can find the post covering the topic over at the CyberTrust blog The script is over at the Script Gallery:

I’ll let you review the CyberTrust blog to dig in to why you’d neesuch a thing (we hope you don’t). If there’s one thing you take away from that blog, make it this:

  • It is important to remember that resetting the krbtgt is only one part of a recovery strategy and alone will likely not prevent a previously successful attacker from obtaining unauthorized access to a compromised environment in the future.

-Tom “I’m on vacation that weekend” Moser