Mailbag: Black Friday (Issue #3)

Mark and Tom here again with Mailbag Issue #3. Keep a copy of these first issues in the walls somewhere, they’ll be worth a fortune one day. We hope all of our friends in the US had a great Thanksgiving and that all of our friends around the rest of the world had a great… Read more

ADFS Deep Dive: Planning and Design Considerations

  In the previous blog post on comparing sign-in protocols, the goal was to give you a primer on the terminology so when we start talking about WS-FED or SAML, you have an idea of what we’re talking about. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s available here: In this blog, we’re going to… Read more

When Creating a New Resource or Role in Windows Server 2012 R2 Failover Cluster, the Network Name Fails to Come Online or Failed to Create Associated Computer Object in Domain

There is an issue I have seen repeatedly in the field since Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 released. It typically surfaces when attempting to add roles to Windows Failover Cluster. Since my customers are large SQL shops, this issue typically surfaces when the server team hands off the Windows Server 2012 R2… Read more

Mailbag: So Far Off To a Good Start (Issue #2)

Hey y’all, Mark and Tom back with our second Friday mailbag. So far so good on trying to keep our regularly scheduled mailbags. We even got a few other PFEs to join in for this one so let’s get right to it. This post will cover the following. Hosting DNS in something other than Active… Read more

Troubleshooting Basics for the Netlogon Parser (v1.0.1) for Message Analyzer

Hi all, Brandon Wilson here again to talk to you a bit more in depth about the Netlogon parser for Message Analyzer. Last time, I gave you a basic introduction on the anatomy of the parser, how to open log files, and the basics on navigation with the parser and what can be seen. In… Read more

Surface Pro 3 Hibernation Update You’ll Want To Apply

Hey folks Joao Botto with a quick link to some very important Surface Pro 3 information that Scott McArthur published on the AskCore blog: If have used a Surface Pro 3 you may have noticed that after 4h of sleep it just goes into hibernation by default. That is because (1) It wakes up… Read more

ADFS Deep-Dive: Comparing WS-Fed, SAML, and OAuth

David Gregory back again for another blog on federation and sign-in protocols. Explaining federation so that people can truly understand it isn’t easy. There are a lot of moving parts, various technologies, and sea of acronyms that many times don’t make sense. When I first started learning about federation, I was drowning in these acronyms… Read more