Windows Unplugged: Stephen Rose with Surface Pro 3

This is Dave Gregory and Rick Sheikh from the PFE Platforms blog.  I wanted to take some time today to write a “short” blog about the Windows and Surface events with Stephen Rose that took place in LA and Chicago in the past two weeks. The crew was still setting up while the cooks were still preparing the food. I went to the rooftop and snapped a couple photos:



Took some more pictures of the venue as they were preparing for the event:


The beautiful Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan taken by Rick Sheikh:



They had a 3D printer hooked up to a Surface 2 and some people were uploading their own designs from an SD card, which were being printed right there in front of us.


For only $2000, you can also print you cases for your own cell phone. 🙂 Joking aside, 3D printing is interesting as it's already being used in prosthetics and so many other fields to make people's life better.


Windows Unplugged

While the event was to officially start at 6 PM, with open bar and food, we couldn't corral everyone into the main room until about 6:30 PM. Rick and I kicked off the event by talking about Premier Field Engineering (PFE) and our blog and how we work hard to write articles that are practical, relevant, and easy to follow for any IT professional.

For the next hour, Stephen talked about Windows 8.1, Surface and Windows Phone and took some questions, like:

  • Surface must have been designed by men because it’s difficult to use with long nails.

  • Can Microsoft start making software like Garage Band?

  • The power connector on the old Surface is horrible. Can you redesign it?


Attend Thoughts on Surface Pro 3

I was loaned a Surface Pro 3 for the entire event and I also walked around talking to people about the new device to get their thoughts. Here are some of the takeaways from initial impressions with the new Surface Pro 3:

  • The new friction hinge is great and can go back 150 degrees. You can finally use Surface how to want to rather be limited by the previous 2-stage kickstand.

  • The track pad on the new Surface Pro 3 is a huge step in the right direction. It feels much higher quality and its accuracy makes it feel more like a laptop.

  • I'm convinced it could replace my laptop, tablet combo that I currently own.

  • It's ridiculously thin. It's just a hair thicker than the Surface 2 RT as you can see in the following photo I took. Surface 2 RT on the left and Surface Pro 3 on the right:


Since the LoftSeven venue can handle wedding and such, they had a professional photo booth with all kinds of fun props. I'll probably never live this down but I try not to take myself too seriously. 🙂


Reporting live from LA and Chicago, this is Dave "I write a blog every 2 years" Gregory and Rick "Hollywood" Sheikh. Back to your Mark. 🙂