How to Save the DNS Cheese. Protect AD-Integrated DNS Zones from Accidental Deletions

As a quick follow on to our recent post about DNS deletion auditing, here's an ounce of prevention for you – well actually about 3 tons worth – courtesy of Brent Whitlow, Bryan Zink and your blogger-de jure, Hilde. Our co-workers, peers and others 'out there' have covered this but we wanted to get our own 'variation… Read more

IPv6 for the Windows Administrator: The 2002: (6to4 Tunnel) Address and its Impact

Hello, this is Venkat Kalyanasundaram back with another IPv6 post for everyone.   We discussed in my previous post IPv6 for the Windows Administrator: How Name Resolution Works in a Dual IPv4/IPv6 Scenario and talked about the behavior when using a private IP address range. Today we will discuss a special scenario when you have public… Read more

Performance Tuning For Windows Server 2012 R2, AV Exclusions and Windows 7 VDI Image Hot Fixes

Hey y’all, Mark here again with a quick post for you. There are three new articles that just came out that we wanted to make sure you folks didn’t miss. Performance Tuning Guidelines for Windows Server 2012 R2– This one is something I get asked about all the time and it’s awesome. It’s broken down… Read more

IPv6 for the Windows Administrator: How Name Resolution Works in a Dual IPv4/IPv6 Scenario

Hello, this is Venkat Kalyanasundaram, Senior PFE from New York Metro area.  As someone that works a lot with IPv6 I see the same set of questions come up over and over again. I want to take some time to address some of the more common ones and really try to remove the mystery of… Read more

Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V Best Practices (In Easy Checklist Form)

Hello, everyone! Roger Osborne here with an update on my Hyper-V Best Practices blog for Server 2012. It has been around 7-months since the initial posting, and might I say the response has been (and continues to be) A-MAZ-ING! In my humble opinion, the interest surrounding my blog points directly to the volume of small,… Read more