AskPFEPlat Goes International with AskPFE Latam Platforms Edition

Hey y’all Mark here with some great news. We know our readership spans the globe which both blows my mind and humbles me daily. We absolutely love our community. We here are also not afraid to try out new things with our community. If it works we’ll keep doing it if it doesn’t we learned something and move on. I’m happy to let everyone know we have a new blog, AskPFE Latam Platforms,

Our current plan is the following. Our own blogger Adrian Corona who you may remember from our MCM Indexing post is going to be running the show. He and his team are working hard on translating our most popular posts as well as translating our most recent posts usually a week or two behind what we’ve posted. Don’t worry they will be writing original content as well that will find its way here to the mothership. We can share content just fine. So swing by and say hi in the comments, get to know your new community and let them know what you think. See you guys Monday with another post.

Mark “Hola!” Morowczynski