Premier Technology Day Hosted by AskPFEPlat- Live Events in St. Louis and Minneapolis on June 21, 2013



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We will continue bringing you the same great content, from the same great contributors, on our new platform. Until then, you can access our new content on either as you do today, or at our new site Please feel free to update your bookmarks accordingly!

Why are we doing this? Simple really; we are looking to expand our team internally in order to provide you even more great content, as well as take on a more proactive role in the future with our readers (more to come on that later)! Since our team encompasses many more roles than Premier Field Engineers these days, we felt it was also time we reflected that initial expansion.

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NOTE: In addition to the AskPFEPlat-to-Core Infrastructure and Security transformation, Premier Field Engineers from all technology areas will be working together to expand the TechCommunity site even further, joining together in the technology agnostic Premier Field Engineering TechCommunity (along with Core Infrastructure and Security), which can be found at!

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Hey everyone, I’d like to make you aware of an opportunity to connect with some AskPFEPlat celebrities (relatively speaking, of course). We’re hosting two, one-day workshops, live and in-person. This is a unique opportunity for you to participate in detailed, interactive discussions around some very specific Windows Server 2012 topics. These topics include some of our most popular from AskPFEPlat including domain controller cloning, storage and file services, PowerShell and Performance.

You can expect a full day of technical sessions with presentations, demonstrations and most importantly – questions and answers. Each event will be hosted by 3 Premier Field Engineers from AskPFEPlat, so you will get a broad variety of perspectives, backed by real-world experiences.

Both sessions will take place on Friday June 21, 2013. One of the events will be in Minneapolis and the other in St. Louis. The events will be hosted at the local Microsoft office.

This opportunity is only available to Microsoft Premier Support customers. If you’re in the area, and you are a Premier Support customer, be sure to contact your Technical Account Manager (TAM) who can give you more details, including pricing, and register you for the event. We expect to fill all the seats, well in advance, so don’t delay. If you have questions about Premier Support, and you don’t know where to turn, feel free to ask us. We’ll be happy to put you into contact with the right people.

We are excited about this opportunity to connect with you in person and talk shop. We hope to host similar events in other cities in the near future, so stay tuned. If you think we ought to visit your city, let us know and we’ll definitely consider it – especially if you’ve got a nice climate.  Smile

Doug Symalla