What is RAP as a Service? Is That a Real Acronym?

I hope you enjoy the blogs we provide at AskPFEPlat.  We love sharing our passion for Microsoft Technologies.  But, believe it or not, we do have day jobs.  As Premier Field Engineers we spend most of our time with Microsoft Premier Support customers, helping them learn, test, deploy and troubleshoot the technology.  It’s this hands-on experiences with customers that helps drive the content that we deliver in our blogs.

One of the dimensions of a Microsoft Platforms PFE includes delivering Risk Assessments for Microsoft Platforms-related technologies, such as Active Directory (ADRAP), Failover Clustering (CSRAP) or the Windows Desktop (WDRAP). 

Fellow platforms PFE, Yong Rhee, has a great blog that describes an evolution in our traditional Risk Assessments – RAP as a Service.  The blog does a great job of explaining RAP as a Service and includes details for requesting more information.  If you do engage PFE services, remember to tell them that AskPFEPlat sent you.  We might even be able to arrange to have one of our blogging superstars deliver for you.  And if they’re not available, maybe we can send Mark Winking smile.


Doug "Cheap Shot" Symalla