Happy Birthday to AskPFE Platforms Blog, We Are 1 Today !

Time really does fly when you are having fun. Today marks the day when we went up live last year. We set off with a modest goal to share our field and real world experience with you, to perhaps one day talk about an issue that’s relevant to your job, to spark some light of interest for an existing Windows technology or talk about something that’s totally new to all of us. We hope we did some of that. In process, to date we have posted 66 blog articles that have received around 300 comments, we have been visited by 173 countries, with total of over 220,000 unique visitors. But the numbers don’t quantify our progress towards achieving our goal, we hope to continue to share some of our experience as well as rely on your comments and feedback to make this blog a valuable resource for you. So again, a BIG thanks to YOU for reading this blog and a HUGE gratitude for our team members for taking the time to write. We have great things on the way for you, so stick around.


Happy Birthday to Ask Premier Field Engineering Blog !!











Until next time, Rick “keeping it short” Sheikh.