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Hey y’all, Mark here again. We thought we’d try something new with our readers. We write this blog for you guys, the community. We love hearing from you! We read all the comments, seriously we do. Not enough of you utilize the contact function on the right hand side of the blog. I took a screen shot of that that “Contact” button to help you guys out.




Oh there it is!


So we thought we’d try something out with you. On Nov 26th at 1 PM EST we are going to have an open Lync call/chat for an hour and 30 minutes with several of the folks that write for this blog. You, the reader, are welcome to dial in, chat or just come hang out for a bit. We’ll be there. So bring your questions and comments about posts we’ve written, posts you want us to write, Firefly 10th Anniversary Special and pretty much anything else. For our international audience we apologize if this is in the middle of the night for you, if all goes well and you guys want us to do something similar, we can do another one at a more international friendly time. Let us know in the comments what you think. Hopefully talk to you soon.

Dial in info below.

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+18883203585 English (United States)

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Conference ID: 2503651

Mark “Banana Phone” Morowczynski