PFE Live Chat – One Down, More to Follow

First, let me thank everyone who participated in our PFE Live Chat on Monday 26 November.  It was a great opportunity to talk about technology and its impact in real-world cases, for real-world customers.  For those of you who missed the opportunity, let me re-cap some of the topics:   Windows Server 2012 Storage Spaces… Read more

Fixing When Your Domain Traveled Back In Time, the Great System Time Rollback to the Year 2000

  Hey y’all, Mark back again with some more detail around what to when the system time rollback to November 19th 2000, caused Active Directory replication and other time-sensitive operations to fail in your environment. This post contains guidance by a small army of Microsoft PFEs, support professionals and developers. If you have any questions about… Read more

Did Your Active Directory Domain Time Just Jump To The Year 2000?

Hey y’all, Mark here providing an AskPFEPlat late night PSA. We are seeing some reports that some Active Directory Domains times reverting to November 2000. So what just happened? I thought the Mayans said this type of stuff didn’t happen until December. UPDATE: We’ve provided more guidance around this topic, read at UPDATE: If you… Read more

HYPER-V 2008 R2 SP1 Best Practices (In Easy Checklist Form)

(dsymalla Posting on Behalf of Roger Osborne) Update: A Server 2012 version has been posted here.  Have you ever had someone – either a customer or colleague – build a mission critical server without taking time, up-front, to ensure they are following best practices? Or what about the build document you spent untold hours creating,… Read more

PFE Live Chat with Us!

Hey y’all, Mark here again. We thought we’d try something new with our readers. We write this blog for you guys, the community. We love hearing from you! We read all the comments, seriously we do. Not enough of you utilize the contact function on the right hand side of the blog. I took a… Read more

MCM: Active Directory Indexing For the Masses

Hi dudes and dudettes! Adrian Corona here. I’m a transactional PFE at Microsoft and I’m really excited because this is my first blog post ever, it’s a doosey so I hope you’re not limited on your data plan. I’ll be adding to the MCM (Microsoft Certified Master) blog post series with a topic that doesn’t… Read more

Windows Server 2012 – The New and Improved Group Policy Management Console

With Windows Server 2012, there are tools, features and functions that are available from the first member server (or Win8 PC with the RSAT pack – ** You don't need a schema extension, you don't need to deploy any 2012 Domain Controllers, you don't need to flip the bit to Domain or Forest Functional… Read more