Two Minute Drill: Using PROCDUMP

Hello again AskPerf!  Blake Morrison here to introduce you to a new tool from Sysinternals called ProcDump.  If you are familiar with AdPlus then ProcDump will be a welcome addition to your debugging arsenal.  ProcDump is a new command line tool which allows you to monitor a running process for CPU spikes, and then create… Read more

Two Minute Drill: Debugging – lm, not just Alphabet Neighbors

I know – it really does seem like I’m on a bit of a Sesame Street kick at the moment, doesn’t it?  Ah well – it is Friday and the weekend is almost upon us.  Why not have a little fun?  Today, we’re continuing on with looking at different debugger commands.  Our topic for today… Read more

Two Minute Drill: Debugging and the k* Commands

Good morning AskPerf!  2009 is moving fast – it’s hard to believe we’re already into August!  Today, we’re continuing on with our debugging focus.  Over the next few posts, we’ll be looking at different command types within the debugger.  Today’s post is brought to you by the letter … k.  I know, I couldn’t resist… Read more

Two Minute Drill: Stack Basics

Welcome back AskPerf!  Carrying on with our debugging / architectural theme from the last couple of weeks, today’s topic is about the stack.  A stack is a way of storing information – a data structure.  When a new object is placed on the stack it is placed on the top of the stack.  Similar to… Read more

Two Minute Drill: The .MSP file

Hello AskPerf – my name is Digvijay Nath, and I’m a Support Engineer on the Performance team in our Bangalore office.  Today, I’m going to quickly cover the .MSP file used by the Windows Installer.  The installer uses different file types to glean data about software installs, uninstalls and upgrades.  So, let’s get started.  There… Read more

Two Minute Drill: Application Verifier

Happy Friday AskPerf.  My name is Syed Yusuf, and I am a Support Engineer on the Performance team.  Application crash issues can be somewhat tricky to resolve – especially if we’re dealing with a third party application.  Today we’re going to take a look a the Application Verifier tool and how it can be leveraged… Read more

Two Minute Drill: TYPEPERF

Hello again AskPerf! Blake Morrison here to discuss a little known OS tool called TYPEPERF.  TYPEPERF is a built-in tool that writes performance data to the command window or to a log file.  If you are a command line junkie, love to script, and need to get Performance data from your Workstation or Server, then… Read more

Two Minute Drill: The New MPS Reports

*UPDATE* as of October 8th, 2013, the below MPS Reports link is no longer available.  Please see the following blog post from our good buddy Yong Rhee, that details more on this change: Tool: MPSreports replacement as of Oct. 8th, 2013   Happy Friday AskPerf!  Today’s post is a quick overview of the new MPS… Read more

Two Minute Drill: Performance Analysis of Logs Tool (PAL)

Today’s post comes to us from Priyanka Rotti and Sudha N – two of our Support Engineers on the Performance team.  Reviewing Performance Monitor Logs can be one of the most daunting tasks for an administrator, especially if it’s not something that you do on a regular basis.  The Performance Analysis of Logs (PAL) tool… Read more

Two Minute Drill: Introduction to Windows System Resource Manager (WSRM)

Hello AskPerf!  It’s Blake Morrison here once more with some information on a Windows feature with which you may not be familiar … But, before we start off this post think about the following scenarios – how many of them have you experienced? Your Server’s total combined CPU utilization exceeds 70% on a regular basis…. Read more