Brian Zoucha’s Bio

I am a Support Engineer on one of the Platforms Performance Teams in Irving, Texas.  I started at Microsoft in 1997 doing end user customer support of Windows 95, MS-DOS and Internet Explorer.  After that, I spent 4 years on the Office Deployment Team supporting the Windows Installer and helping Enterprise customers deploy and patch… Read more

Blake Morrison's Bio

Hello Internet Surfers!  If you found this page, congrats!  So, my name is Blake Morrison and I am a Senior Support Escalation Engineer on the Platforms Reliability team here at our Microsoft Campus in Irving Texas.  I started my Microsoft career back in November of 2005.  Over the past ~9 years, I’ve been to Bangalore… Read more

Don Geddes’ Bio

I began my career at Microsoft in March of 1999 as a Windows NT generalist working late night shifts (aka – the Platforms 24×7 team.)  At that time, we supported everything Windows related, hence the “generalist” nature of the job.  Later that same year, I joined the Performance team to become more specialized, and because… Read more

Aurthur Anderson’s Bio

I am a Support Escalation Engineer for one of the Platforms Performance teams in Las Colinas, TX.  I joined Microsoft in July of ‘98 after serving in the Marines for 4 years where I was a 4066 – Small Computer Systems Specialist.  I supported Windows NT 3.51-4.0, Dos 5 and Windows 3.11-95.  Before the Marines… Read more

CC Hameed’s Bio

I joined Microsoft as a Support Engineer on the Performance team in September 2005.  Prior to that I spent a couple of years working the late night shift on our Platforms 24×7 team.  Working for Microsoft was always a dream job – so I am living the dream!  I was on the Windows Vista / Longhorn Server Beta team in 2006,… Read more

Tim Newton’s Bio

I have worked for Microsoft since 1997.  I started doing basic consumer Windows 95 support but rapidly decided I would rather work with enterprise customers in a server environment, so I asked to move to Windows NT support.  I have been here on the Enterprise Platforms Support Performance Team since about 2002. During my time… Read more