MSI: Troubleshooting Package Installation

TROUBLESHOOTING PACKAGE INSTALLATION Description:  Microsoft Windows Installer Service is an installation and configuration service included in Windows.  It allows you to add, modify, and remove applications provided as Windows Installer (*.msi) packages.  Note, this service is set to Manual by default, and only starts when needed (On-Demand).   Scoping the Issue:  There are a number… Read more

TS: Terminal Server Web Access

TERMINAL SERVER WEB ACCESS Description: This document pertains only to Terminal Server Web Access in Windows Server 2008.  It does not apply to Remote Desktop Web Connection that shipped with Windows Server 2003. Terminal Server Web Access refers to the web site that is installed when the Terminal Server Web Access role service for Terminal Services… Read more

TS: Terminal Server Load Balancing

TERMINAL SERVER LOAD BALANCING Description: Terminal Server Load Balancing refers to either Session Directory and Microsoft Network Load Balancing used with Windows Server 2003 Terminal Servers, or Session Broker used with Windows Server 2008 Terminal Servers*. A Terminal Server Farm is often described as two or more Terminal Servers configured to use a Session Directory or… Read more

TS: Terminal Server Device Redirection

TERMINAL SERVER DEVICE REDIRECTION  Description: Terminal Services provides users the ability to access their local devices and resources in remote sessions. Users can access resources such as local drives, printers, the Clipboard, and supported Plug and Play devices. This is usually referred to as redirection. In Windows Server 2008 redirection has been enhanced and expanded…. Read more

TS: Terminal Server RemoteApps

TERMINAL SERVER: REMOTEAPPS Description: Terminal Server RemoteApps refers to applications deployed via Terminal Services and managed by the RemoteApp manager in Windows Server 2008.  A RemoteApp is deployed in one of three ways: A .RDP file is distributed to users via a network share or direct sharing. A Windows Installer package that installs a shortcut to… Read more

TS: Remote Desktop Client 6.x

REMOTE DESKTOP CLIENT 6.x  Description: The Remote Desktop Client, or RDC, is the official name for the client used to connect to a Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 Terminal Server. As the features of Terminal Server evolve, a new RDC version is typically released to support these features. The current version of the… Read more

TS: Installing and Configuring Applications

INSTALLING AND CONFIGURING APPLICATIONS Description: On a Terminal Server, installing applications refers to the installation of a program that will be deployed to users using Terminal Services. Configuring applications refers to application compatibility flags and scripts that are used to customize an application running in a multi-user Terminal Server environment.   Scoping the Issue:  First… Read more

TS: Management and Configuration

MANAGEMENT AND CONFIGURATION Description: Management and configuration of Terminal Services refers to the management of Terminal Servers using the Terminal Server Admin tool and the configuration of Terminal Servers using the Terminal Services Configuration tool.  Installation of the Terminal Server role services in 2003 and 2008 is also covered under this section.   Scoping the… Read more

TS: Cannot Create a Session / Session Disconnects

TERMINAL SERVER: CANNOT CREATE A SESSION / SESSION DISCONNECTS Description: There are different situations that need to be specifically identified and isolated while troubleshooting problems about connecting to a Terminal Server, creating a session, suddenly disconnected or logged off. Those different behaviors will have different causes and the troubleshooting method might be completely different from each… Read more

TS: Blank Desktop in RDP Session

BLANK DESKTOP IN RDP SESSION Description: A Terminal Server session can also be defined as remote access to a desktop. When creating a session to a Terminal Server/Remote Desktop Server there are a several stages of the connection process that must be successful before the user can interact with the session: Initial connect on port 3389… Read more