Two Minute Drill: LOGMAN.EXE

Today we are continuing on with our Two Minute Drill series.  Our topic in this post is one that we discuss quite frequently with customers – namely the automation of creating Performance Monitor and Trace Logs.  Most administrators are comfortable creating Local and Remote Performance Monitor logs using the Performance Monitor MMC and the GUI… Read more

Using Server Core as a Print Server

A few weeks ago we posted our initial walkthrough on Windows Server 2008 Server Core – getting the OS installed and joining the server to a domain.  Today we’re going to continue getting our Server Core implementation and turn the machine into a functional Print Server.  It’s been a while since I rebuilt this machine,… Read more

Getting Started with Server Core

Today we’re going to get started with Windows Server 2008 Server Core.  First, let’s talk about what the Server Core installation is (and what it is not!).  Server Core is a minimal environment to run specific server roles, which reduces the maintenance and management requirements and the attack surface for those roles.  The following roles… Read more