Memory and Handle Quotas in the WMI Provider Service

Hi folks, Mark Ghazai here once again with a quick tidbit on tweaking the WMI Provider Service (WMIPRVSE.EXE).  We’ve been getting some calls recently about the performance of this service and some failures that customers have been experiencing – in particular “Out of Memory” errors when certain WMI-related tasks are running.  We’ve talked about various… Read more

Memory Management – Understanding Pool Resources

Following up on our Memory Management 101 post, we’re moving on to a discussion of Pool Resources and Pool Resource Depletion.  First of all – what are Pool Resources?  When a machine boots up, the Memory Manager creates two dynamically sized memory pools that kernel-mode components use to allocate system memory. These two pools are… Read more

Network Stored PST files … don’t do it!

At least once a week, someone on the Performance team will get a customer call concerning hangs or resource depletion on their file server.  The file server in question is used for user home folder storage and users are accessing Outlook Personal Storage (.pst) files stored on the server from their client.  The issue will manifest… Read more

Troubleshooting those Pesky 2019 and 2020 errors!

One of the most common issues that the Plat-Perf team troubleshoots is the infamous 2019 / 2020 error – depletion of the Non-Paged or Paged Pool Memory.  In many instances, these issues are actually far easier to troubleshoot and resolved than people think. Tate, one of our CPR Engineers, has written a great post on… Read more