Internet Explorer 8 – RELEASED

Yesterday morning we released Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 to the web for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Server.  We’ve posted a number of different posts about IE8 over the last few months, however we’ve barely scratched the surface of the new version of Internet Explorer.  Here are just some of the features that IE8… Read more

Who’s That Hiding in my Windows?

Hello AskPerf!  My name is Satyajit and I am a Support Engineer on the Performance team.  Today we’re going to discuss the use of a very useful Windows SysInternals tools named Autoruns that we can use to examine programs that start during the boot process or the login process.  This comes in particularly useful when… Read more

Updated News on Internet Explorer 8

Today we’re getting you caught up on some of the changes in the Internet Explorer world.  The IE Product team has been posting a lot of information about IE8 recently – here are some of the key posts: IE8 Blocker Toolkit Available: IE8 will be distributed via Automatic Update (AU), Windows Update (WU) and Microsoft… Read more

Launch of the AskIE Blog

Support for Internet Explorer transitioned from the Performance team to our Developer Support group earlier this year.  Recently, this new team launched their own blog focused on Internet Explorer support issues.  The AskIE blog will be discussing topics from the perspective of Core IE – from IEAK and Group Policy to programming techniques and solutions… Read more

Catching up with our fellow MS Bloggers

It occurred to me that with so many technical blogs out there, that it might be useful to bring you some posts from our fellow bloggers here at Microsoft that have been published recently … If you haven’t been keeping up with our colleagues over at the Terminal Services blog, then you may have missed… Read more

IE8 and Privacy

Privacy.  Personally Identifiable Information.  Choice.  Disclosure.  These are all key concepts in the digital age.  We expose more of our personal data electronically than at any time in our history.  IE8 gives users more choice about controlling what information is shared – browsing history, cookies, preferences etc.  Andy Ziegler and Dean Hachamovitch, who are both… Read more

IE8 Beta Testers Wanted

Although Internet Explorer support is no longer part of our portfolio on the Performance team, we do still keep an eye on what’s going on in the world of IE.  The IE team is looking for Beta Testers.  Below is the post from the IE Team Blog: Wanted: IE8 Beta Testers As previously mentioned in… Read more

Internet Explorer 8 – First Look

Last week, at the MIX conference in Las Vegas, the Internet Explorer team made several announcements regarding IE8, the first of which was that a Developer Beta (emphasis on the Developer) is now available.  You can download the beta from the IE8 Beta Site.  The beta is available today for Windows Vista (“Gold” and SP1),… Read more

BHO’s, Security and Shell Extensions

Today we’re going to wrap up our overview of Browser Helper Objects with a look at BHO’s and Security as well as similarities between BHO’s and Shell Extensions.  If you recall from our first post on BHO’s, a BHO is an extension to Internet Explorer that adds customization and functionality.  The API’s used by Browser… Read more

The Basics of Browser Helper Objects

In our last few posts on Internet Explorer, we’ve looked at ActiveX Controls.  Today we’re going to take a look at the Basics of Browser Helper Objects (BHO’s).  We’re not going to cover BHO’s and Security in this post, that will be covered in our next post on BHO’s. First off, what is a BHO? … Read more