Help! I’m stuck at “Applying Computer Settings” …

Perhaps one of the most frustrating issues to troubleshoot is a system that sits at the “Applying Computer Settings …” screen for what seems like forever before (eventually) getting to the point that you can log in.  Interestingly, although several of these cases are routed to the Performance team as a perceived system hang, the… Read more

The Case of the Stuck Cluster Service

  Today we’re going to cover an issue that is more common than you might think, but is one that may be tricky to troubleshoot.  The first thing that you may think when you read the title of this post is, "What is the Performance team doing trying to figure out why the Cluster Service… Read more

Group Policy Logging on Windows Vista

Although the bulk of Group Policy Processing and Troubleshooting is handled by our Directory Services team, we often collaborate on these issues – mainly when the issue relates to a user logging in and not being presented with their desktop environment as they would expect.  Instead they are simply presented with a blank background (usually… Read more

Managing the "Launching Applications and Unsafe Files" Setting

We are often asked about the centralized management of Internet Explorer configuration options for which there are no Group Policy settings included with the default IE GPO templates.  One of the settings that we are asked about the most is the “Launching Applications and Unsafe Files” setting, since that setting is not defined in the… Read more

Overview of Internet Explorer Group Policies

Today we’re going to discuss IE Group Policies.  If you’re unfamiliar with Group Policies, I highly recommend that you read our earlier post on the Basics of Group Policies.  When dealing with IE group policies, there are two types of settings to consider – IE Maintenance and IE Administrative templates.  Let’s look at IE Maintenance… Read more

The Basics of Group Policies

The Performance team handles Group Policies for several different components – most notably Printing, Internet Explorer and Terminal Server.  In most environments, the Active Directory administrator handles the design, implementation and maintenance all of the group policies – even if another group is responsible for the technologies affected by the policies.  When an issue arises with one… Read more

Windows Vista – Point & Print

Here on the Perf team, we deal with quite a few printing issues.  An issue we’ve had a few calls on since the release of Windows Vista concerns the changes made to the Point & Print functionality.  Point & Print is a Windows feature that enables users to connect to a shared printer without the… Read more

IE7 – Tabbed Browsing

Tabbed browsing is a new feature in Internet Explorer 7.  One question we are frequently asked by administrators is – “How do I control the tab behavior for my users to present a consistent experience?”  We are also asked the same thing by developers who want to leverage this functionality for their applications.  However, it is… Read more