Happy Holidays (2009) & Happy Birthday

The end of the year is upon us.  It seems as though 2009 went by in a blur.  It has definitely been a busy year for us though – and not just on the Performance team.  We’ve had some tremendous product launches across Microsoft as a whole in 2009 including: Windows 7 Windows 2008 R2… Read more

Farewell to AskPerf

Happy Friday AskPerf!  I’m sure you’ve already surmised by the title of the post that today’s topic is a somewhat bittersweet one.  XE3E9MT8HW5V It is said that all good things must come to an end.  In that same vein, the one constant about working at Microsoft is that change is inevitable.  Over the last three (well,… Read more

Ten Tips and Tricks for Server Baselines

Happy Friday AskPerf!  One of our Technical Account Managers pinged me a few weeks ago and asked if I could put together something on how to do a server baseline.  After thinking about how best to do this for a while, I realized that trying to create a one-stop shop for server performance baselines goes… Read more

Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2: The Big Day is HERE!

That’s right folks!  It’s October 22nd – the big day is finally here!  Over the last twenty-one days, we’ve touched on a number of different features of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.  We hope you’ve enjoyed our Launch Series.  Don’t fret – we have plenty more to write about regarding both operating systems…. Read more

Windows 7 is coming. See Y’All in Two Weeks

There’s a little over a month to go until Windows 7 hits store shelves.  We’re going to be taking a short hiatus here on AskPerf while we get our Launch Series content ready.  On October 1st, we’ll roll out our first post of the series – and then expect one post a day through October… Read more

Is Your Organization Ready for Windows 7?

On October 6th, Benjamin Gray from independent analyst firm Forrester will be discussing his April 2009 report, “Get Ready for Windows 7” and whether or not your organization should deploy Windows 7 now or test applications and hardware against Windows Vista for greater Windows 7 compatibility.  Some other topics of discussion will be: What he… Read more

Working on an Application Compatibility Issue? Let us Help!

Windows 7 is only a few weeks away!  The buzz is building!  However, if your applications aren’t quite ready for Windows 7 (or even Vista) and having you’re having issues, then maybe you’re not quite as excited as I am.  But – there is good news – we may be able to help you out!… Read more

Windows 7 Application Compatibility: Virtual Roundtable with Mark Russinovich

On June 18th, Mark Russinovich will be hosting a Virtual Roundtable on Windows 7 Application Compatibility.  This is a chance for IT Pros to learn all about Windows 7 Application Compatibility and get answers to any management or deployment questions for Windows 7.  You can submit your performance questions live during the event or send… Read more

Windows Vista / Windows Server 2008 – Service Pack 2

Last week we released Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.  The links in the “Additional Resources” section provide more depth information, but here are some key pieces of information: Language Release Schedule: Five languages (English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish) are part of the first release.  Wave 2 will include an… Read more

Two Minute Drill: The New MPS Reports

*UPDATE* as of October 8th, 2013, the below MPS Reports link is no longer available.  Please see the following blog post from our good buddy Yong Rhee, that details more on this change: Tool: MPSreports replacement as of Oct. 8th, 2013   Happy Friday AskPerf!  Today’s post is a quick overview of the new MPS… Read more