An Introduction to Pool Tags

We’ve discussed several areas of Memory Management in our blog since we started.  Today, we’re going to take a look at Pool Tags and how they can be used to identify the source of Pool Memory leaks.  A pool tag is a four-byte character that is associated with a dynamically allocated chunk of pool memory. … Read more

MSIT, Terminal Services, Network Adapter Performance and Hyper-V

Looking at the title, I know you’re thinking, “what do these four things have to do with one another?”  The answer: not a great deal in fact.  However, there are some very interesting posts and articles on these subjects that have been published recently that we thought we would bring to your attention … We are… Read more

Startup Programs on Windows Vista: Inside the Box

In prior versions of Windows, especially if the installation had many applications installed over the years, it was not easy to run a program or navigate the system shortly after booting.  I remember fighting with my mouse or looking over at the system chassis to see if the hard disk light was still blinking frantically,… Read more

Lock Pages in Memory … do you really need it?

Back In October, we wrote a post regarding the Event ID 333 Errors and how to troubleshoot them.  At the end of that post, we mentioned the "Lock Pages in Memory" user right.  One of the things we mentioned was that if you have an x64 system, you should not enable this right.  Over the… Read more

WS2008: Terminal Services Gateway Overview

Welcome to Day Number Twenty-Six.  Tomorrow is Launch Day!  Over the last twenty-five days we’ve gone over several different aspects of Windows Server 2008.  Just because today is the last day in our Launch Series doesn’t mean that we’re going to ignore Windows Server 2008 for a while.  Count on seeing more Windows Server 2008… Read more

WS2008: Session Broker Load Balancing

Day Twenty-Five.  It’s Monday morning – hopefully those of you returning from your weekends got some time to rest and relax.  Only two days to go until the launch of Windows Server 2008.  Today we’re going to continue on from yesterday’s post on Terminal Server Session Broker and look specifically at Session Broker Load Balancing. … Read more

WS2008: Terminal Server Session Broker Overview

It’s Day Twenty-Four.  Only three more days until Launch Day!  Our Windows Server 2008 series continues today with an overview of Terminal Server Session Broker.  Terminal Server Session Broker (TS Session Broker) is a role service in Windows Server 2008 that allows a user to reconnect to an existing session in a load-balanced Terminal Server… Read more

WS2008: Terminal Server Web Access Architecture

It’s Day Twenty-Three of our series.  The Launch Event is just a couple of days away.  Following on from yesterday’s post on Terminal Services RemoteApps, today we’re going to be providing a very brief overview of the Architecture of Terminal Server Web Access and the Web Connection Client. As we showed you yesterday, after installing… Read more

WS2008: Terminal Services RemoteApps

Welcome to the twenty-second day of our series.  Only a few more days until Launch Day.  We’ll be sticking with Terminal Services through the end of our series.  Today’s topic is Terminal Services RemoteApps, a new feature in Windows Server 2008.  RemoteApps are programs accessed remotely through Terminal Services, and appear as though they are… Read more

WS2008: Frontside Authentication and SSO

Welcome to Day Twenty-One.  We’re three weeks into our series and there are only six days left.  Today’s topics for discussion are Frontside Authentication and Single Sign-On (SSO) in the Terminal Services space.  So, let’s get started … Frontside Authentication is a new connection process in the Remote Desktop Connection 6.x client where credentials are… Read more