Task Scheduler Changes in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 – Part Two

Hey there!  Blake here with my long overdue post (I know, I’m sorry!) on the new Task Scheduler for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.  In Part One, we discussed the new User Interface, Triggers and Task Conditions.  Today we’re going to discuss Flexible Actions and Triggers, Security and Reliability.  So, let’s get started …… Read more

Microsoft Virtualization Readiness Launch

Get hands-on with virtualization – FREE! Attend the event that lets you touch, talk about, and experience Microsoft virtualization solutions.  Hear from Microsoft virtualization experts on how Microsoft uses virtualization in its own data centers.  Dive into robust hands-on labs and gain a technical understanding of the Microsoft virtualization strategy.  Then, take home a valuable… Read more

Windows Printing and Network Load Balancing

Hello, my name is Yong Rhee and I’m a Support Escalation Engineer on the Windows Server Core-Performance team.  Every now and then, we work with a customer whose administrator is trying to deploy a printing solution on Windows Server 2003 (or Windows Server 2008) and they want to spread the load using Network Load Balancing. … Read more

NAP 101 – The Components of NAP

Welcome back AskPerf Readers.  In my last post we covered the basics of Network Access Protection (NAP) – what it is, and what it can (and can’t!) do for you.  Today we’re going to go over the various components of NAP.  The diagram below from the NAP Architecture Whitepaper (the link to the Whitepaper is… Read more

Network Access Protection for the non-Network Admin

We’ve talked about security in previous posts.  We’ve also talked about SMB, Large File Copies and a number of other networking-related issues.  Today we’re going to talk about Network Access Protection (NAP) and its role in the enterprise.  Now, I know you’re probably asking yourself why we’re going on Networking safari, instead of sticking to… Read more

“Unknown Publisher”? Where did this dialog box come from?

Hello AskPerf readers!  My name is Don Geddes, and I am a Support Escalation Engineer on the Performance team.  Over the last couple of months, we’ve been getting quite a few calls on a new popup dialog box that occurs when connecting to a web site that hosts Terminal Services connections or Terminal Server RemoteApps. … Read more

Installing Windows Vista Print Drivers on Windows Server 2003

Good Morning AskPerf!  My name is John Dickson, and I am a Support Escalation Engineer on the Performance team in Texas.  Today we are going to discuss a scenario that is a common one as companies continue to deploy Windows Vista in their environment.  How do I deploy print drivers for Windows Vista onto a… Read more

Memory and Handle Quotas in the WMI Provider Service

Hi folks, Mark Ghazai here once again with a quick tidbit on tweaking the WMI Provider Service (WMIPRVSE.EXE).  We’ve been getting some calls recently about the performance of this service and some failures that customers have been experiencing – in particular “Out of Memory” errors when certain WMI-related tasks are running.  We’ve talked about various… Read more

Changes to Professional Level (Non-Premier) Support Model

On October 1, 2008 the Professional level “Enterprise Platforms Support” business at Microsoft will transition to a call-back model for all Professional support incidents in the United States and Canada.  Below is a description of how to contact Microsoft customer service, as well as other relevant information regarding this change: Why are we moving to… Read more

Windows Vista: Virtual Roundtable with Mark Russinovich

  On September 24th, Mark Russinovich will be hosting a Virtual Roundtable on Windows Vista Performance.  Mark and a panel of industry experts will be discussing several issues related to Windows Vista including: Overall OS Performance Common Misconfigurations Boot times Applets Disk Performance Battery Life You can submit your performance questions live during the event… Read more