Highly Available RDS 2008 R2 License Servers

Hello AskPerf! My name is Matt Graham and today I want to address some questions surrounding the setup of highly available licensing servers. Anyone setting up a RDS infrastructure wants to ensure that it will keep working if a license server goes down. In Termial Services (2003) the recommended way of setting up highly available… Read more

MS15-010 causing font/text issues…

Hello Folks.  Wanted to send out a quick note on an emerging issue we are seeing in Support after installing MS15-010.  If your fonts/text are distorted on the following Operating Systems… Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 (SP2) Windows Server 2003 SP2 Windows Vista SP2 …then you can download/install the following fix: Fix for text… Read more

Help! My Scheduled Task does not run…

Good morning/afternoon/evening AskPerf! Blake here with a post I’ve been meaning to write/publish for a year or so now. Here in on the Performance Team, we support a wide range of technologies, with Task Scheduler being one of them. More often than not, the number one Scheduled Task issue we encounter is as follows: “In… Read more

How to use Dumpchk.exe to check your dump files…

Hello AskPerf!  Today’s post is a quick one that points to one of Bob’ Golding’s Windows Troubleshooting videos.  He talks about how to download/run Dumpchk.exe on your dump files to check for corruption.  Check it out below: DumpCheck – youtube video DumpChk – MSDN Link to more info   -Blake… Read more

Case of the blank print jobs

Hello Askperf! Anshuman here again with an interesting issue I worked a few weeks ago. The following pop-up appeared on my workstation intermittently: I then realized that I had the Send To OneNote printer set as my default printer. The next time this occurred, I paused the print queue and noticed that the “Remote Desktop… Read more

How to migrate local ports when doing print migration

Hello Askperf! My name is Tingu, and today I’m going to talk about an interesting print migration issue I had a few weeks ago. We had a case where an application server was running on Windows 2003, where more than 400 print queues were created. The port was created as a local port to forward… Read more

Your technical answers and automated solutions via Bing.com

Hello folks, One of our Engineering PMs that supports our Diagnostics and Automated solutions published a blog regarding Bing and how you can use it to answer your technical questions and provide automated solutions.  Here is a brief overview: Bing Technical Instant Answers provide concise answers to technical questions directly within search results and hopefully… Read more

Unable to restart server due to registry bloat over 2GB

Hello AskPerf!  Pushing up a blog today to discuss the registry bloat issue that has been recently addressed in the following KB: Computer cannot be restarted if the registry hives are larger than 2 GB Symptom You have a computer that is running the x64-based version of Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8,… Read more

RDP Fails with Event ID 1058 & Event 36870 with Remote Desktop Session Host Certificate & SSL Communication

Hello AskPerf!  Sanket here from the Windows Platforms team here to discuss an issue with Remote Desktop Services where RDP does not work when you try to connect from a remote machine.  With that, let’s get started! I’m sure most of you have come across the following message when connecting to a machine via RDP:… Read more

Windows 10 Preview available for review

Good morning AskPerf!  It’s been a while since our last post, and we apologize for that.  We’ve been quite busy here on the Support side knocking out customer issues… Any who, we have some upcoming blogs in the oven that need a little more time to bake.  One of which is a short series on… Read more