Wallpaper Deployment Troubleshooting

 Hello AskPerf! Deepak Kumar here to discuss an emerging issue we’ve been seeing on the front lines that surround Wallpaper deployment to Windows Desktops. We’re going to primarily focus on Windows 7, and may sprinkle a little XP in. With that said, let’s dig in! Lots of customers like to force Customized Wallpaper to their… Read more

Default Print Device Selection Behavior in Windows

Good Morning AskPerf Readers! Our theme today is printing, specifically Default Printer selection behavior. We regularly get asked the question on what causes the default printer to change on a Windows host. Understanding the reasons why this change occurs can alleviate a lot of the frustration end users experience when it happens, as well as… Read more

Two Minute Drill: DriverQuery.exe

Hello AskPerf!  Blake here to discuss an internal command line tool called DriverQuery.  What exactly is DriverQuery?  I’m glad you asked.  In a nutshell, DriverQuery is a command line tool that displays a list of all installed device drivers and their properties.  Let’s check out its options and some examples.  When you type “DriverQuery /?”… Read more

Two Minute Drill: Change Print Monitors/Processors via PowerShell

Hello folks, Pankaj here to show you an interesting way to change the Print Monitors and Processors registry keys with a single PowerShell command.  This command can be a timesaver if you have hundreds of 3rd party Print Processors and Monitors on your Print Server (s). *NOTE* these commands only work on stand alone Print… Read more

Getting to know the MmSt Pool Tag

Hello readers,   We have briefly discussed the MmSt pool tag before, but only tangentially. This post is to go much further in depth to the use of this tag and common issues we see related to it. What is the MmSt pool tag? The MmSt pool tag is used by the Memory Manager when… Read more

Print Queue Scripting

Many methods of programmatically working with printers exist and I’ll be going over the main ones we use on the Windows platform support teams in this blog. These can be real lifesavers for print server administrators if changes need to be made across many queues. As a quick caveat, please keep in mind that we… Read more

“Allow Logon through Terminal Services” group policy and “Remote Desktop Users” group.

Hello AskPerf readers. I am Edwin Rocky and this time I am back with some interesting information about the “Allow Logon through Terminal Services” group policy and “Remote Desktop users” group. I am sure many of you are already familiar this GPO and this group. But still there has been some confusion around whether you… Read more

Why run 64-bit Windows?

On the Windows Performance team we often run into issues with Windows Server 2003 32-bit scaling to support Enterprise workloads. There are a variety of low memory and performance issues that can occur due to the limitations of the 32-bit memory space. While we work to resolve those issues we also like to discuss the… Read more

Troubleshooting memory issues on Exchange when using /3GB

Hi all, Windows Server 2003 x86 systems running Exchange require the use of the /3GB switch in the boot.ini to ensure that there is plenty of address space available for the Store.exe process. In brief, the /3GB switch is used to provide more virtual memory to user mode processing. It signals the OS to use… Read more

Suggested hotfixes for WMI related issues on Windows platforms *Updated August 9th, 2013*

Hi all,Some of the most difficult issues we face here on the Performance Team are WMI related issues. WMI is very pervasive, and when it breaks, you can experience a myriad of symptoms that are often very difficult to troubleshoot and fix. Here are a few examples of the symptoms that can occur, and that… Read more