How to use Dumpchk.exe to check your dump files…

Hello AskPerf!  Today’s post is a quick one that points to one of Bob’ Golding’s Windows Troubleshooting videos.  He talks about how to download/run Dumpchk.exe on your dump files to check for corruption.  Check it out below: DumpCheck – youtube video DumpChk – MSDN Link to more info   -Blake… Read more

Case of the blank print jobs

Hello Askperf! Anshuman here again with an interesting issue I worked a few weeks ago. The following pop-up appeared on my workstation intermittently: I then realized that I had the Send To OneNote printer set as my default printer. The next time this occurred, I paused the print queue and noticed that the “Remote Desktop… Read more

How to migrate local ports when doing print migration

Hello Askperf! My name is Tingu, and today I’m going to talk about an interesting print migration issue I had a few weeks ago. We had a case where an application server was running on Windows 2003, where more than 400 print queues were created. The port was created as a local port to forward… Read more