Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues with Terminal Services–new documentation available

Hi all, We have a really short post for today, but one that may be helpful to a few of you. One of our biggest call generators has always been the dreaded ‘Remote Desktop Disconnected’ or ‘Can’t Connect to Remote Computer’ error messages when trying to connect to a terminal server from a client. The… Read more

Terminal Services – Exploring the Shadows

Hello folks, my name is Madhurjya and I would like to talk a bit about an interesting feature in Terminal services which is known as the Terminal Services Shadow Region. On a terminal server, whenever applications are installed, it first writes the new application registry entries to the HKeyCurrentUser\Software registry location. At the same time,… Read more

Performance counter for iSCSI

I know most of my blogs are kind of long but when I came across this information I felt a need to do a quick entry about it as the information is really hard to find. A customer recently asked me about one of our iSCSI performance counters. It was the Average Request Processing Time… Read more