Windows 7 – Release Date Announced


In case you missed the announcement on Tuesday from the Windows team, Windows 7 will be in stores starting on October 22nd – just in time for the Holidays!  Now, the Windows team haven’t publicly discussed their plans for international releases yet, so I suspect that the October 22nd date is a US-release date.  But, keep an eye on the Windows Team blogs for further details.

Also, if you were thinking about getting a new PC or laptop for your sons and daughters headed off to school this Fall, and you really want them to have Windows 7, there will be a Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program.  Through this program, participating retailers and OEM’s will be able to offer a special deal to upgrade to Windows 7 for customers purchasing a qualifying PC.  Again, stay tuned to the blogs for more details on this program.

That’s the big news for today – from the AskPerf standpoint, we’ll be doing a launch series on Windows 7 very similar to the one we did back in February of 2008 for the Windows Server 2008 release.

Have a great Friday!  Until next time …

CC Hameed

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