Windows 7: Install from USB

Hey folks – more Windows 7 goodness today.  With the Windows 7 Release Candidate on the horizon (no, I still don’t have a date or a build number to share) many more folks will be testing out Windows 7.  In testing scenarios where you may wind up installing, re-installing and upgrading builds to test functionality, keeping that DVD handy can be a bit of a challenge.  Jeff Alexander, who is an IT Pro Evangelist in Australia has written a terrific blog post on how to set up a USB bootable device for Windows 7 installs.  This can be particularly useful if you are installing to a system without a DVD drive (such as a Netbook).

Check out Jeff’s post on his blog: Windows 7: Setting up a USB bootable device for installs

That’s it for today!  Until next time …

CC Hameed

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