PRN: Internet Printing

PRN: Internet Printing


Description: Internet Printing was designed to allow non-domain joined clients to print across the Internet and should not be used for local network printing without a specific reason. Standard UNC (RPC printing) is much more efficient and flexible. If using IPP (Internet Printing Protocol), and Windows is able to connect with RPC it will look like an IPP connection however Windows will use RPC instead.

Scoping the Issue: As a test, install the Generic Text Only print driver on the print server and share it.

· If Start, Run, HTTP://printserver/Printers displays “page cannot be found” then IIS may not be installed or the Internet printing web service extension is not installed (see KB 323428).

· If you are having an authentication problem please note that IPP is not designed to work with Windows Integrated Authentication, because it is not designed to store users credentials when using Windows Integrated Authentication.

· Does clicking “Connect” under “Printer Actions” on the web page install the printer? If not, what happens if you attempt the same with the Generic Text Only printer?

Data Gathering:

Microsoft Product Support Reports

If the issue is related to a connection failure it may be helpful to get a network trace. Microsoft Network Monitor 3.3 can be downloaded from.

Additional Resources:

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