Internet Explorer 8 – RELEASED

Yesterday morning we released Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 to the web for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Server.  We’ve posted a number of different posts about IE8 over the last few months, however we’ve barely scratched the surface of the new version of Internet Explorer.  Here are just some of the features that IE8 provides:

New Security and Privacy Features:

  • Enhanced Delete Browsing History
  • DEP/NX Support
  • Cross-site Scripting Filter
  • Domain Name Highlighting
  • InPrivate – a new private browsing mode

Web site / Line of Business enhancements:

  • Enhancements to DOM L2 & HTML support
  • Accelerators provide a means to provide your online service to consumers from whatever site they are visiting
  • Web Slices create an ongoing view of the site and applications even after the user has browsed away from the site
  • Integrated Developer Tools provide the ability to debug, edit and profile the code behind the pages including HTML, CSS and JavaScript

User Features:

  • Smarter Address Bar makes navigation easier, becoming a useful search tool that enables you to quickly navigate to sites in your history, Favorites and feeds
  • Search Suggestions provide the ability for your search provider to display real-time search suggestions based on common searches related to the text you type

Obviously the list of features is far more than we can do justice to in a short blog post – the IE8 homepage below contains more information to help you evaluate, deploy and leverage the power of IE8.

Download IE8 today from

– CC Hameed