Windows 7 is coming!

If you were one of the attendees at the Microsoft Professional Developer’s Conference (PDC) in Los Angeles last week, then you walked away with the Milestone 3 (M3) build of Windows 7.  The M3 build isn’t even a full Beta build – it’s pre-Beta!

Now, I can’t tell you when a public Beta version will be available.  Nor can I tell you when Windows 7 will be released (three years after the Windows Vista release is about the best I can do).  What I can tell you is that we’ll be blogging about Windows 7 in the very near future – just as we did prior to the release of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

In the meantime, to whet your appetite, we wanted to share some Windows 7 links with you:

Just a short post today to put you on the road to Windows 7.  Watch this space for more!

CC Hameed