Desktop Search and Indexing – File Types

I have to admit that we don’t get too many calls on Desktop Search.  However, the calls we usually get revolve around rebuilding the index and adding locations.  Recently however, we had a customer ask us how to modify the file types properties for Indexing.  Specifically, they wanted to add a new file type to… Read more

Disabling Unnecessary Services? A Word to the Wise

Back when I was a Systems Administrator, one of my roles was to review the system configuration for a server prior to its implementation in the production environment.  We had a fairly streamlined process for server deployment – including scripts to verify the security hardening, installed software, disabled services etc.  Disabling “unnecessary” services on a… Read more

Why doesn’t my WMI Script return any information?

That’s right – more WMI adventures.  Today we’re going to take a look at a problem that we recently encountered with a customer whose WMI script did not return any Event Log information – but the Event Logs themselves were functioning with no apparent issues.  In this particular instance, the customer was using a script… Read more

WMIDiag.vbs and the Missing WMI Files

Last year, we discussed using the WMI Diagnosis Utility in a post on Basic WMI Testing.  We’ve certainly noticed that more than a few of our customers are running the utility before contacting us, which certainly helps us in our troubleshooting.  However, in the last couple of months, we’ve had a few customers call in… Read more

Announcing the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit v3.2

If you are in the midst of your IT migration, or just getting started with your planning but you’re not 100% sure what systems are in your environment, nor what applications have been deployed, then take heart – help is here!  This week, the Solution Accelerators Team announced the release of the Microsoft Assessment and… Read more

Windows 7 is coming!

If you were one of the attendees at the Microsoft Professional Developer’s Conference (PDC) in Los Angeles last week, then you walked away with the Milestone 3 (M3) build of Windows 7.  The M3 build isn’t even a full Beta build – it’s pre-Beta! Now, I can’t tell you when a public Beta version will… Read more