Windows Server 2008 – Terminal Services Easy Print (Part 2)

The main benefit to Terminal Services (TS) Easy Print is a “driver-less” solution for printer redirection over a TS session.  However, this is not the only benefit. 

The Terminal Services team blog has a post on the other benefits to Easy Print which include:

  • New group policy to allow the redirection of only the default printer of the TS client machine: Tthis will help with scalability and obviates the need to install or redirect unnecessary printers
  • Scope of redirected printers: Printers now have the Session SID set in the list of ACLs.  For situations where a user might have multiple TS sessions open, the printers for Session 1 would not be viewable in Session 2.
  • Per-session default printers: Each session a user owns will have its own default printer set.  Each session’s default printer is independent of any other session’s default printer, regardless of which user created the sessions
  • Shorter names for redirected printers

You can read more about these features on the TS Team Blog.

CC Hameed