Longhorn Server – Terminal Services Easy Print

Now that Longhorn Server Beta 3 is released, it’s time to take the covers off a new feature in Longhorn Server – Terminal Services Easy Print.  The folks over at the Terminal Services Team Blog just published their post on the topic – here’s something to whet your appetite …

TS Easy Print is a proxy for every print action that simply redirects all printing-related work to the user’s local machine without the need to install any print drivers on the TS server. This system provides several benefits, such as being able to redirect any printer from the user’s client machine without having to reconfigure the server while still allowing the user to configure the print job as though he were printing on his client machine.

On Longhorn Server, the user’s local client printers installed in a TS session will be installed with the TS Easy Print system.

Terminal Server administrators everywhere – rejoice!  No more having to match drivers between client and server.  No more having to ensure that vendor printer drivers are Terminal Server friendly.

The rest of the article is over at the Terminal Services Team Blog.  If you weren’t already hyped up about Terminal Services on Longhorn … you should be now!

 – CC Hameed