Do not skip the latest B8 boot post

Hey all, Ned here. The Building Windows 8 blog recently posted a new article from Chris Clark that you might have passed over due to the title, which sounds like another article on boot performance: Designing for PCs that boot faster than ever before Don’t skip it! A more descriptive title would have been “The… Read more

Dynamic Access Control intro on Windows Server blog

Hey all, Ned here with a quick “xerox” post: the Dynamic Access Control developers have released a good intro on their octo-feature through the Windows Server Blog: Introduction to Windows Server 2012 Dynamic Access Control It’s written by Nir Ben-Zvi, a Program Manager on the Windows Server development team. If you’re unfamiliar with DAC, this… Read more

Friday Mail Sack: Mothers day pfffft… when is son’s day?

Hi folks, Ned here again. It’s been a little while since the last sack, but I have a good excuse: I just finished writing a poop ton of Windows Server 2012 depth training that our support folks around the world will use to make your lives easier (someday). If I ever open MS Word again… Read more

Group Policy Management Improvements in Windows Server "8" Beta

Hi all, Ned here again. If you’ve been supporting group policy for years, you’ve grown used to its behaviors. For something designed to manage an enterprise, its initial implementation wasn’t easy to manage itself. The Group Policy Management Console improved this greatly after Windows Server 2003, but there was room for enhancement. Windows Server “8”… Read more

Gimme Some Sugar

Hi all, Ned here again. Like Bruce Campbell, we’ve been away for awhile, but you can always count on us to return for the sequel. Some of the Windows Server “8” Beta blogging rules have been relaxed and we’re ready to begin firing our boomstick. Look for the first one here in a few minutes…. Read more