New DNS and AD DS BPA’s released (or: the most accurate list of DNS recommendations you will ever find from Microsoft)

Hi folks, Ned here again. We’ve released another wave of Best Practices Analyzer rules for Windows Server 2008 / R2, and if you care about Directory Services you care about these: AD DS rules update Info: Update for the AD DS Best Practices Analyzer rules in Windows Server 2008 R2 Download: Rules Update for Active… Read more

Service Pack 1 Beta out for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

Ned here again. You may have missed this on Monday, but the Beta version of Service Pack 1 for Win7/2008R2 was publically released. Besides offering the usual bevy of hotfixes and security update rollups, SP1 also offers servers two big new features: Hyper-V Dynamic Memory and RemoteFX. Download Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2… Read more

Migrating Vista and Windows 7 profiles with ADMT 3.2

Ned here again with another ADMT post – this one’s a quickie. V2 profiles were introduced with Windows Vista to allow isolation between XP and newer operating systems. If you haven’t done so already, make sure to review Managing Roaming User Data Deployment Guide; it was written by our very own Mike Stephens. If you… Read more

Background uploading of User Registry Settings

Hey everyone, Mike here again to discuss an interesting feature I learned about in Windows 7. Many Microsoft customers deploy Roaming User Profiles. In fact, many combine Roaming User profiles and Folder Redirection to get the best experience possible. However, one of the drawbacks with Roaming User profiles is the user must logoff before their… Read more

USMT and /SF

Hi all, Ned here again. I’ve seen an emerging issue with USMT that I need to address while our TechNet documentation is updated. If you are using USMT 4.0 for migrations from XP, this is required reading to avoid some very gnarly problems when using the /SF switch in loadstate. Onward. Background When reading our… Read more

USMT 4.0 and Custom Exclusion Troubleshooting

Ned here again. Because Windows XP cannot be in-place upgraded to Windows 7 and because XP has ruled supreme for longer than most IT staffers’ careers, everyone who managed to avoid USMT are now coming out of the woodwork. Perhaps the most asked question is “I am trying to block X from being migrated to… Read more

USMT 4.0: Cryptic Messages with Easy Fixes

Ned here again. As you begin the process of moving off your older operating systems to Windows 7 you may end up using USMT 4.0. With its powerful capabilities and intended audience of IT professionals, the tool can be unforgiving and often gives inscrutable messages. Today I’ll cover a few of the most common but… Read more

Get Shiny with USMT: Turning the Aero Theme on During XP to Windows 7 Migration

Ned here again. Today’s post is quick and dirty… and glossy! One thing users notice immediately about Windows 7 is the default Aero theme. Even if you‘re not a fan of eye candy, your users are – and in the end they run the show in most environments. Especially when their business card says “VP”… Read more

USMT 4 and WinPE: Common Issues

Ned here again. As odd as it sounds, when you call Microsoft for USMT 4.0 support, you will be sent to the Directory Services team. This is because we support user profiles loading and unloading, as that is a core piece of interactive logons. It’s a tangled web. Believe it or not, I support more… Read more

USMT and OfflineWinOld: Taking XP to Windows 7 in a Hurry

Ned here again. To paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of XP’s life have been greatly exaggerated. Mainstream support ended in April 2009 and Service Pack 2 support ends on July 13, 2010. With the release – and crazy popularity – of Windows 7, companies are exploring various options to move on from XP. But there’s a… Read more