Friday Mail Sack: Guest Reply Edition

Hi folks, Ned here again. This week we talk: CA migration from 1 to 2 tier ADAM/ADLDS P2V ABC 123 Managing AGPM security filters Multiple IIS App pools and Kerberos AGPM multi-domain comparison ADUC domain password weirdness DFSR deletion conflict handling Stale account deletion ad nauseum AD PowerShell, Get-Acl, and the missing objects that aren’t… Read more

Friday Mail Sack: Charlotte Edition

Hiya folks, Ned back with a palette-cleansing Mail Sack after this monstrosity. This week we talk about: To customize AD schema or not DC and root hints USMT and the case of the missing apps DFSR and %SYSTEMROOT% More fun with DC Same As Parent domain zone records Speeding up DFSN client failover AD/LDS and… Read more

Friday Mail Sack: Beard-Seconds Edition

Hiya folks, Ned here again. This week we talk: DC DNS A Records and Web Servers Forwarding Security event log subscriptions Domain password filters Auditing NTLM vs NTLMv2 on Win2003 Programmatically determining if UNC is DFS namespace DFSR and Excel Shared Workbooks DFS, DC, Delegation, and Domain Admins Other nonsense Start the word punching! Question… Read more

DFSN and DFSR-RO interoperability: When Good DFS Roots Go Bad…

Hello, Ken here. Today I want to talk about some behaviors that can occur when using Distributed File System Namespaces (DFSN) along with Distributed File System Replication (DFSR) Read-Only members. The DFSN and DFSR services are independent of each other, and as such have no idea what the other is doing at any given time…. Read more

What does DCDIAG actually… do?

Hi folks, Ned here again. I recently wrote a KB article about some expected DCDIAG.EXE behaviors. This required reviewing DCDIAG.EXE as I wasn’t finding anything deep in TechNet about the “Services” test that had my interest. By the time I was done, I had found a dozen other test behaviors I had never known existed…. Read more

Friday Mail Sack: General Lejeune Edition

Hello everybody, Ned here again to share some conversations. This week I talk some SMB security, domain renames, file compression, and DFSR DFSR DFSR! Domain rename registry key orphans and determining if a rename ever happened DFSR compression recommendations for Office 2007+ “Server SPN target name validation level” Clustering DFSR on WIn2003 and Win2008 non-R2… Read more

File Services Management Pack has been released

Hello there file server admins and datacenter monitoring gurus, Ned here again. After much skull sweat and gnashing of tooth, the File Services management pack for System Center Operations Manager 2007 has been released. This new MP covers: DFS Namespaces DFS Replication File Server (the Server service for SMB file sharing) File Server Resource… Read more

The Case of the Random DFS Access Denial

Hi, this is Bobby from the Microsoft Directory Services support team. Today we are going to discuss some confusing behavior that I’ve observed regarding inconsistent DFS access. While the root of this is issue is easy to remediate, it can be difficult to find the offending servers. Symptoms When first presented with this issue, I… Read more

The Missing Links

Ned here again. Despite the title, today’s post is not about Australopithecus. I recently spent a few days in Redmond teaching part of the Microsoft Certified Master course. During the class… eh wait… You’ve never heard of MCM? You should definitely check it out if you’re looking to take your career to the next level,… Read more