AskDS is 12,614,400,000,000,000 shakes old

It’s been four years and 591 posts since AskDS reached critical mass. You’d hope our party would look like this:  But it’s more likely to be: Without you, we’d be another of those sites that glow red hot, go supernova, then collapse into a white dwarf. We really appreciate your comments, questions, and occasional attaboys…. Read more

AD LDS Schema Files Demystified

Hi, Russell here. When installing Active Directory Lightweight Domain Services (AD LDS) instances, it is quite possible to paint oneself into a corner rather quickly. That’s because LDS comes with minimal schema definitions. To truly make LDS useful to your applications, one must have an understanding of how best to take advantage of the included… Read more

It’s our turn to ask you a question

Hi. Russell here. Scott and I are in the pre-production stages for a series of AskDS podcasts and video “How To’s.” We’d like your input on the content that will help you the most. As an example, we’ve been tasked with providing a video demo of Metadata cleanup. I bet you were not aware that… Read more

Using LDIFDE to Perform Post-Migration Clean-up Tasks

Hi, Rusty here to discuss a recent problem that we resolved using the export and import features of Ldifde.exe. During the usability testing phase of an inter-forest migration to a new forest of the same name, our customer discovered that smart card users in the new forest could not logon. They were receiving “Access Denied”… Read more

HOW TO: Export the Configuration Container in ADAM & AD LDS Using LDIFDE

Hi, Russell here. I’m a member of the Microsoft Texas Directory Services Team. I specialize in all things LDAP, with particular focus on 3rd Party LDAP Client interop, ADAM & AD LDS, Directory Service Schemas, Indexing, and LDAP Query Performance Tuning. We recently had a customer who had “inherited” an ADAM infrastructure. He called concerning… Read more