Restrictions for Unauthenticated RPC Clients: The group policy that punches your domain in the face

Hi folks, Ned here again. Around six years ago we released Service Pack 1 for Windows Server 2003. Like Windows XP SP2, it was a security-focused update. It was the first major server update since the Trustworthy Computing initiative began so there were things like a bootstrapping firewall, Data Execution Protection, and the Security Configuration… Read more

RTM RSAT and SP1 Win7 (shot, over)

Hi all, Ned here. Update 4/7/11: The Remote Server Administration Toolkit update to support Windows 7 Service Pack 1 has released. Come and get it:  Yesterday we announced Windows 7 SP1 availability info. For those that use RSAT to admin from their clients, I am launching a preemptive strike before the comments flow: If… Read more

Friday Mail Sack – It’s About To Get Real Edition

Hello Terra, it’s Ned here again. Before I get rolling, a big announcement: On May 16th all the MSDN and TechNet blogs are being migrated to a new platform. This will get us back in line with modern blogging software, and include new features, better search, more user customization, and generally remove a lot of… Read more

Friday Mail Sack – Not USMT Edition

Hi all, Ned here again. Just like last Friday, today I’m sharing some emails we’ve gotten recently. Enjoy. Custom schema OID DNS RPC integrity Question: I am creating a custom schema extension for AD LDS (aka ADAM). Do I need to obtain and register my OID with Microsoft? Answer: It’s not as critical as an… Read more

RSAT Released for Windows 7

Remoter Server Administrations Tools are RTM, come and get ’em. Some things to keep in mind: This version is only for Windows 7 (Business, Professional, and Ultimate). Make sure to uninstall any RC/Beta/whatever copies of RSAT for Win7 you had previously installed. Make sure to remove any hacked up Vista RSAT copies you might have… Read more

RSAT and ADUC for Vista – Update to add tabs for Terminal Services Profile, Environment, Sessions, and Remote Control

Ned here. After much strife, here is the hotfix to get RSAT AD Users and Computers to include tabs for: • Terminal Services Profile  • Environment  • Sessions  • Remote Control  960890 Some tabs are not available in the properties of a user account in the Active Directory Users and Computers MMC snap-in after you install… Read more

RSAT Release Candidate for Windows 7… ehh… Release Candidate

Ned here again. The Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) have been released for Win7 RC. Grab them from: Here are the installation requirements: Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7 RC can be installed on computers that are running the Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate editions of Windows 7 RC. Remote… Read more

Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) Available For Windows 7 Beta

Ned here. For those testing Windows 7 administration capabilities, this is for you. Download here This is the list of Windows Server 2008 administration tools which are included in Win7 RSAT Client: Server Administration Tools:• Server Manager Role Administration Tools:• Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) Tools• Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) Tools• Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services… Read more