Microsoft’s Support Statement Around Replicated User Profile Data

[Note from Ned: this article was created and vetted by the Microsoft development teams for DFS Replication, DFS Namespaces, Offline Files, Folder Redirection, Roaming User Profiles, and Home Folders. Due to some TechNet publishing timelines, it was decided to post here in the interim. This article will become part of the regular TechNet documentation tree… Read more

Background uploading of User Registry Settings

Hey everyone, Mike here again to discuss an interesting feature I learned about in Windows 7. Many Microsoft customers deploy Roaming User Profiles. In fact, many combine Roaming User profiles and Folder Redirection to get the best experience possible. However, one of the drawbacks with Roaming User profiles is the user must logoff before their… Read more

Understanding How to Read a Userenv Log – Part 2

Mark here. As promised here is the second part of Understanding How to Read a Userenv Log (see Part 1 if you missed it). Most of the time when we need to enable Userenv logging is due to a delay of getting to the desktop after entering our credentials. Normally the user will be stuck… Read more

Understanding How to Read a Userenv Log – Part 1

Hey everyone, this is Mark from the Directory Services team. We get calls all the time where enabling Userenv logging is necessary to see exactly what is happening with group policy and profile loading. If you have ever looked at one it can be confusing to say the least. One thing to remember is that… Read more

Automatic creation of user folders for home, roaming profile and redirected folders.

Hi Rob here again. Periodically we’re asked “what is the best way to auto-create home, roaming profile, and folder redirection folders instead of Administrators creating and configuring the NTFS permissions manually?” The techniques in this post requires you to use the environment variable %USERNAME% in the user’s home folder attribute when you create the users… Read more

User Profile Policies in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista

Mike here. Windows Vista made numerous changes with how user profiles work. In fact, the changes are too numerous to describe here (you can read more about the changes with user profiles in the Managing Roaming User Data Deployment Guide ( However, the policy settings for user profiles from earlier versions of Windows remain and… Read more