RESTOREDFSR.VBS Version 3 now available

Hello folks, Ned here again. The infamous restoredfsr.vbs has now been rewritten (thanks for the prodding MLatCC) and it fixes some bad design limits of the older versions that were caused by time constraints and apathy. For those of you have not had the “pleasure” of restoredfsr.vbs: Download: Update 6/12/14 Well that gallery is… Read more

Understanding DFSR conflict algorithms (and doing something about conflicts)

Ned here again. I’m frequently asked to explain the DFSR conflict algorithm – i.e. what happens when files are created or modified on two servers before replication takes place. What we don’t document well is that there are actually three conflict algorithms and they all behave quite differently. I am breaking these out into scenarios… Read more

New DFSR Data Restoration Script

Hi, Ned here. Just a quick heads up – there is a new DFSR data recovery script posted below. This allows you to restore data from the ConflictAndDeleted or PreExisting folders within DFSR, primarily during disaster recovery. As always, we prefer you use your backup system to do this, as the script is 'at your own… Read more