Monthly Mail Sack: Yes, I Finally Admit It Edition

Heya folks, Ned here again. Rather than continue the lie that this series comes out every Friday like it once did, I am taking the corporate approach and rebranding the mail sack. Maybe we’ll have the occasional Collector’s Edition versions. This week month, I answer your questions on: The semi-myth of Kerberos time skew Finding… Read more

Important Information about Remote Desktop Licensing and Security Advisory 2718704

Hi folks, Jonathan here. Dave and I wanted to share some important information with you. By now you’ve all been made aware of the Microsoft Security Advisory that was published this past Sunday.  If you are a Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Services administrator then we have some information of which you should be aware…. Read more

More than you ever wanted to know about Remote Desktop Licensing

Hey everyone, David here. Here in support, there are certain types of calls that we love to get – because they’re cool or interesting, and when we figure them out, we feel like we’re making the world a better place. These are the calls that prompt us to write long-winded blog posts with lots of… Read more

The PDCe with too much to do

Hi. Mark again. As part of my role in Premier Field Engineering, I’m sometimes called upon to visit customers when they have a critical issue being worked by CTS, needing another set of eyes. For today’s discussion, I’m going to talk you through, one such visit. It was a dark and stormy night … Well… Read more

The future is here. It’s just not widely distributed yet.

Hi folks, Ned here again. Despite the reputation for cutting edge technology, a lot of IT departments can get stuck in the now or worse, the past. Since it’s a new year, a new economy, and winter is coming to a close, here are some articles you should find interesting if you are looking to… Read more

Event 17 errors in Terminal Services / Remote Desktop Services license servers

Ned here. If you have started having event 17 errors with your licensing servers for Terminal Servers / Remote Desktop Servers, go read the following immediately: Event 17 – Certificate Corruption on Terminal Services/Remote Desktop License Servers   There’s an easy fix, you just need to know what to do. More news on this later…. Read more

Friday Mail Sack – Something Something Edition

Hi folks, Ned here again. Despite worries in our Comments sections, the Friday Mail Sack is GO. This week we cover some GP, some computer maintenance, and some really nice fans. Terminal Services shell desktop policies Disabling compromised computers Question I am deploying Terminal Servers [Don’t you mean Remote Desktop Services – MS Sales Borg] and… Read more

Explanation of the Remote Desktop Services CAL Upgrade behavior in Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008

Hello everyone, Brian Singleton here. There has been a lot of confusion over the Remote Desktop Services (aka Terminal Server) client access license upgrade process in Windows and this posting is an explanation on how the behavior is actually supposed to function. In Windows Server 2003 as well as Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server… Read more