Friday Mail Sack: I Have No Idea What to Call This Edition

Hiya folks, Ned here with a slightly late Mail Sack coming your way. Today we discuss reading event logs, PowerShell, FSMO, DFSR, DFSN, GCs, virtualization, RDC, LDAP queries, DPM, SYSVOL migration, and Netmon. Do it. LogParser and Win2008 R2 security event logs DFS virtualization support Cross-forest trusts and the Infrastructure Master DFSR file rename and… Read more

Friday Mail Sack: Scooter Edition

Hi folks, Ned here again. It’s that time where we look back on the more interesting questions and comments the DS team got this week. Today we talk about FRS, AD Users and Computers, Load-Balancers, DFSR, DFSN, AD Schema extension, virtualization, and Scott Goad. Let’s ride! FRS event 13568 recommendations Missing attribute editor in ADUC… Read more

Debunking the Vista Remote Differential Compression Myth

Ned here again. Have you ever visited It’s a terrific urban legend reference where they research folklore. Snopes is the place you go to find out if eating Thanksgiving turkey makes you sleepy (it doesn’t), if Coca Cola can dissolve a tooth overnight (it can’t), or if a man really did live in a… Read more

Understanding DFSR debug logging (Part 16: File modification with RDC in very granular detail (uses debug severity 5))

In this scenario we will see a file modified and how that change is replicated between servers, specifically in regards to RDC similarity usage. The debug log has been set to severity 5 for deeper details than usual. This is useful to understand how efficient RDC is with a given type of file during a… Read more