Windows XP Power Management and Group Policy Preferences

Hi everyone, Mike here again to discuss a common scenario that generates calls to Microsoft. The scenario covers managing power on Windows XP client computers using Group Policy Preferences. Let’s cover how Windows XP manages power before we cover Group Policy Preferences Power Management. Windows XP Power Management Windows XP only has one active power… Read more

Saving money and power with Group Policy

Ned here again. A few months ago Mark Aggar, Pat Stemen, and Michael Walsh wrote an excellent TechNet Magazine article on using group policy to save power. This article gives specific examples as well as fully documents all 35 power management settings covered in Vista. I wanted to make sure our ASKDS readers hadn’t missed… Read more

Managing Power with Group Policy: Part 3 of 3

Mike here. It’s time we wrap up our discussion on managing power using Group Policy. The previous blog posts discussed managing power on Windows Vista (and Windows Server 2008). Today, I’ll cover how we can achieve the equivalent for Windows XP. The key to managing power on Windows XP is Group Policy preferences. The Group… Read more

Managing Power with Group Policy: Part 2 of 3

Mike here. Last time, I introduce new Power Management policy settings included in Windows Vista. In the first of a three parts, I wrote about Button, Hard Disk, and Notification policy settings. Today, I continue to review Power Management by writing about Sleep and Video and Display power management policy settings. As a reminder, these… Read more

Managing Power with Group Policy: Part 1 of 3

Hi, Mike here again. This post was originally published in the Group Policy Team blog. Many of you probably know about the power management improvements included in Windows Vista and that you can manage power using Group Policy. However, did you know that you can manage power on Windows XP using Group Policy as well?… Read more