AskDS is 12,614,400,000,000,000 shakes old

It’s been four years and 591 posts since AskDS reached critical mass. You’d hope our party would look like this:  But it’s more likely to be: Without you, we’d be another of those sites that glow red hot, go supernova, then collapse into a white dwarf. We really appreciate your comments, questions, and occasional attaboys…. Read more

BitLocker and Active Directory

Paul Fragale coming to you again from the digital world we live in. Today, I want to share with you some information about BitLocker and storing the recovery keys in Active Directory (AD). What is actually created in AD? What happens when I decrypt a drive and re-encrypt it? What about additional drives? What if… Read more

Mapping One Smartcard Certificate to Multiple Accounts.

Good morning world, Paul Fragale here to bring you the latest trend in smart card logon requests. Some people have been reading on our TechNet pages, such as Smart Card Authentication Changes, about the ability to allow users to have one smart card, one certificate on that smart card, and map to multiple users. This… Read more

New Functionality in Windows Server 2008 Terminal Service Licensing

This is Paul Fragale, coming to you from my little corner of the world. With the launch of Windows Server 2008, there have been several cases around Terminal Server and Terminal Server License Server. I would like to take a moment to review with you some common steps that can help you resolve these issues…. Read more