Friday Mail Sack: I Don’t Like the Taste of Pants Edition

Hi all, Ned here again. After a few months of talking about Windows Server 2012 to other ‘softies from around the globe, I’m back with the sack. It was great fun – and not over yet, it turns out – but I am finally home for a bit. The only way you don’t know that… Read more

Slow-Link with Windows 7 and DFS Namespaces

Hey there, Gary here, and it has been a while since there has been a blog post relating to Offline Files and Slow-link. A couple of years ago I wrote a one in relation to Vista and the slow-link mode policy that still applies to Windows 7; here is the link: “Configure slow-link mode” policy… Read more

Friday Mail Sack: “Who am I kidding, more like Monthly” Edition

Hi folks, Ned here again with another tri-weekly Friday Mail Sack. This time we talk service auditing, trust creation, certificates and USMT, SYSVOL migration with RODCs, DFS stuff, RPC and firewalls, virtualization, and the zombie corpse of FRS. Shoot it in the head! Trusts prompting for credentials too soon DFS Namespace and anti-virus performance Blocking… Read more

Microsoft’s Support Statement Around Replicated User Profile Data

[Note from Ned: this article was created and vetted by the Microsoft development teams for DFS Replication, DFS Namespaces, Offline Files, Folder Redirection, Roaming User Profiles, and Home Folders. Due to some TechNet publishing timelines, it was decided to post here in the interim. This article will become part of the regular TechNet documentation tree… Read more

How to Properly Disable Offline Files in Windows Vista

Hi, it’s Adam Conkle again from the Directory Services team. Today’s posting covers how to correctly disable Offline Files in Windows Vista. I recently had a case where the customer was experiencing undesirable behavior with a file share only when the file server was accessed from their Windows Vista machines. The symptoms were: 1. Files… Read more

How to enable Event logging for Offline Files (Client Side Caching) in Windows Vista

Ravi here from Directory Services team; I thought I would share some information on how to enable the Event Logging for Offline Files, (Client Side Caching) in Windows Vista. Offline Files Changes in Windows Vista Offline Files has been completely redesigned for Windows Vista, offering new features, which include: •    Better defined modes of operation… Read more

“Configure slow-link mode” policy on Vista for Offline Files

Hi, Gary from DS here and I am going to discuss the “Configure slow-link mode” policy on Vista with Offline Files. How is slow link determined by Windows Vista? Offline Files measures the speed of a link based on the packet latency between the client and the target server. This is reported by the network… Read more