Friday Mail Sack: Ride ‘Em Cowboy Edition

Howdy partners, Ned here. This week we talk event logs, auditing, NTLM “fallback”, file server monitoring, and SCOM 2007 management pack dissection. It was a fairly quiet week for questions since everyone is off for vacation at this point, I reckon. That didn’t mean it wasn’t crazy at work – our folks take vacation too,… Read more

NTLM Blocking and You: Application Analysis and Auditing Methodologies in Windows 7

Ned here again. Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 introduce a long sought feature known as NTLM blocking. This prevents NTLM from being used for authentication. IT works in both a send or receive mode, and allows you to create exceptions. There’s currently very little documentation on this new capability, so I am going… Read more