New Slow Logon, Slow Boot Troubleshooting Content

Hi all, Ned here again. We get emailed here all the time about issues involving delays in user logons. Often enough that, a few years back, Bob wrote a multi-part article on the subject. Taking it to the next level, some of my esteemed colleagues have created a multi-part TechNet Wiki series on understanding, analyzing,… Read more

Friday Mail Sack: Drop the dope, hippy! edition

Hi all, Ned here again with an actual back to back mail sack. This week we discuss: Running out of USNs and Versions DFSR RDC LAN WAN FWIW AOK NPS and dotted NetBIOS domain names USMT and the case of the failing sourcepriority Revisiting NIC teaming Weird DFSR files MaxConcurrentAPI in depth (elsewhere) KB2663685 DFSR… Read more

How to NOT Use Win32_Product in Group Policy Filtering

Hi all, Ned here again. I have worked many slow boot and slow logon cases over my career. The Directory Services support team here at Microsoft owns a sizable portion of those operations – user credentials, user profiles, logon and startup scripts, and of course, group policy processing. If I had to pick the initial… Read more

Saturday Mail Sack: Because it turns out, Friday night was alright for fighting edition

Hello all, Ned here again with our first mail sack in a couple months. I have enough content built up here that I actually created multiple posts, which means I can personally guarantee there will be another one next week. Unless there isn’t! Today we answer your questions around: Detecting virtual machines with WMI Filters… Read more

New USMT 5.0 Features for Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Hi all, Ned here again. Frequent readers know that I’ve written many times about the User State Migration Tool; it’s surprising to some, but the Directory Services team owns supporting this tool within Microsoft in the United States (our European colleagues wisely made sure the Deployment team owns it there). With Windows 8 Consumer Preview,… Read more

Your 24 Month XP Warning

Hi all, Ned here again with a public service announcement: On April 8th 2014, Windows XP support ends For the temporally challenged, that’s exactly two years from today. Hopefully, some of you don’t care because you’ve already gotten off XP. After all, Windows 7 has a 41% piece of Windows desktop distributions now according to… Read more

Group Policy Management Improvements in Windows Server "8" Beta

Hi all, Ned here again. If you’ve been supporting group policy for years, you’ve grown used to its behaviors. For something designed to manage an enterprise, its initial implementation wasn’t easy to manage itself. The Group Policy Management Console improved this greatly after Windows Server 2003, but there was room for enhancement. Windows Server “8”… Read more

Gimme Some Sugar

Hi all, Ned here again. Like Bruce Campbell, we’ve been away for awhile, but you can always count on us to return for the sequel. Some of the Windows Server “8” Beta blogging rules have been relaxed and we’re ready to begin firing our boomstick. Look for the first one here in a few minutes…. Read more

Windows Server “8” Beta announcements, availability (updated)

Hi all, Ned here. For those who spent the day in a coma, Windows Server “8” Beta and Windows 8 CP are out. Make sure you start by visiting Bill Laing’s announcement on the Windows Server Blog. This morning he formally announced the availability of Windows Server “8” Beta and outlined some of the design… Read more

Congrats Sean and Mark, the Newest Masters!

Hey all, Ned here again. You probably know our pals Sean Ivey and Mark Renoden from their AskDS blog contributions. Both of them were once Directory Services Support Engineers and are now Premier Field Engineers, traveling the globe to help solve your problems. Much like the A-Team. Or not. Anyway, what you probably don’t know is that yesterday they… Read more